TakaraTomy Binaltech-18 Rijie (E-Hobby)


TakaraTomy Binaltech Rijie (E-Hobby Electro-Disruptor Mode Exclusive)

I think he's probably better than a Grandus.

TakaraTomy Binaltech Rijie is the the 2000th Transformer that I've acquired.


Nala, nothing's better than Grandus. All he has to do to transform is lean forward. . .

Still, nice. I had to decide between one of these and Skywarp, and I guess I like black better than clear. Also, I already have 2 of that mold, and I recently was reminded how brittle transparent plastic can be.

damn. i so wanted to get this one, but after i was done pussyfooting from should i or shouldn't i, they were all sold out. i like it, but if i wasn't sure about paying 80+ plus when it first came out on preorder, it's definitely alot harder for me to shell out 170+ for the fig now.

so now that you have it in your hands, is it money well spent?

Congrats!! And just the one that I was pulling for to be number 2000.

ha ha! awesome!! will he ever come out of his box...?


jeremy: Rijie = Mirage

nala: did you ever open him?

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