Here's the same shit... and we'll charge you more for it.




DeceptiBotPoopyPants (on message board): So, when is a special edition a special edition?

AutoConBasementLivr (reply): When it is this shit?

DeceptiBotPoopyPants: Word!


Sometimes I really love Hasbro! I love 'em as much as I love Obama and McCain!

So we'll take a horribly shitty figure that was part of a 2-pack for $20, put it out again as a "special edition"., but now we'll charge you $15 for 1 shitty figure instead of $20 for 2. (And we'll do this same to this shitty Megatron from the 2-pack, but at least we'll paint him like that Movie Wreckage figure.)

Oy koledy!


While I find this all immensely funny-ha-ha I gotta say, thank f'n god Hasbro finally got around to borrowing an idea from Takara! The packaging for these at least separates these "special editions" from the regular lines.

I've always been a fan of when Takara/e-Hobby did the one-color boxes to signify something was a low run exclusive or somesuch. It saves a little bit of money but it really separates the thing from the rest!

Now Evebird also sent me the link to the Classics Mirage repaint as Drag Strip for these releases. Yeah. I'll be a loser and buy that. Lord knows I need yet another repaint of the Mirage mold!

But happy funtime yellow?

Oh yeah baby! Me make love to you long time!


Heck, I even managed to get the 2-pack on clearance for $10 and with two free minicons to boot.

That said, the Megatron recolor looks decent, but not worth the escalated price by far.

I never bought the original 2-pack, because the Prime looked so lame. But I really wanted the G2 Megatron so I may pick up the Megatron. And Dragstrip looks pretty sweet, might get that too.

But $15 each??? Frakking GREEDY Hasbro ...

Yeah, but I am Hasbro's beeyotch when it comes to TFs (and Joes of late). I am ashamed to admit it, but it's true. I am such a plastic crack whore junkie.

** looks down at the floor in shame **

Seriously, what is with these insanely bad 2pk molds. First the classics 2 pk with the totally disposable Megs/Ops combo. Then the TFA version, which seemed like they were TRYING To make a trend out of it. And now using the same mold as a special edition!?!?!?

That's just sad, and no, sorry, I refuse to participate this time around. Give us more Masterpiece level stuff...THAT is the definition of collectible.


Again, I'd have to disagree with your cynicism Nala. There's been some talk on Seibertron that these guys have been retooled somewhat for the release so they won't have the issues they had before. And judging by the prototypes, they look really awesome. I mean, I will agree that the initial molds were crap, sure. But I'll give these guys a chance.


According to Hasbro's HTS blurb, these were "intended for the Asia market" but not released there, which might explain why they seem like something Takara would do. They are HasbroToyShop exclusives, and possibly to come out in Australia (don't know about that last one).

Link for AUS info:

I expect Prime to web-shelfwarm pretty heavily at that price. Drag Strip is the only one I really like, but I don't know if I want to pay that much. Still looks neat.

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime

I caved and pre-order DragStrip ... aka. mellow yellow.

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