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Yeah. It is cool and all but...

Is it now $345 worth of cool?

Even me. Nala. Who spent a whole lotta cash on this wouldn't drop that kind of money on a new hat!

A couple of new hats maybe.

But like 8/10 of a new hat?


(Though I regret not snagging that last year but I never got a chance!)


Yeah, that's just about the stupidest thing I've ever seen. That should be like $15 tops.
And besides that, I for one actually liked that they stuck with the Bumblebee head with the smirk and I disagreed that it was "out of character" or whatever people were saying because Cliffjumper was a cocky little psycho sometimes. He had the smirk just as often as he had the scowl.

I have to agree $15 is the max that anyone should spend on that. I wish I hadn't passed on Cliff Jumper when he was in stores. Though I agree he should have a smirk, it was the shape of the head that bothered me. BB's head is different from CJ's. I'm cool with them being the same car though.


I actually picked up the set at pre-order price, and I like it - but it's not worth $350, and attaching that rear spoiler is not for the fainthearted. I had to resort to using little screws to keep it in place. >_

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