Hahahah! He does indeed have a new hat!


Now I wondered exactly how Hasbro would deal with the unique style of Animated when it came to repaints.

Let's face it... some of these characters just can't be anything but their true characters without really blowing the collecting adult's imagination. (Of course, the target audience won't mind one bit!)

So there's that striped Bumblebee, and now 3 of the Lockdowns. There's urine Ratchet and more of a new/retooled Prowl. And of course what could easily be endless repaints of Starscream except for the female version.

Hydrodive Bumblebee???

We've gotten used to repaints but this is the first time I can really think of the "accessory" gimmick being used in modern times. It is like they looked at all the stupid ass gimmick versions of Batman and Superman figures and decided it would be easy to just repackage the same shit with a gimmick accessory.

Yes Mr. Smithers. She does indeed have a new hat.


Bumblebee ain't bad, he looks tons better than the deluxe version, and the accesory looks nice in vehicle mode.

The one I'm surprised/disappointed by is Goldlock. Contrary to my love of Ratchet (by the way, he's probably yellow because of the live action movie, don't you think?), I most likely won't be getting this Grimlock. Do you like him?

i don't think hyrdodive bb is a repaint. i think its a new mold, i think its neato. i will probably get him...but then i love tfa, so that's not a shocker.

the yellow ratchet and clear lockdown were too ugly even for me. i passed. i am not so much into tfa repaints. it seems weird. their molds don't lend themselves to it at all.

i am intrigued by the upgraded prowl, but i will wait to see better pics before i decide...

I'll probably get the BB because I like the new mold. The old one...well I let my 17 month old niece play with him in car mode. I wouldn't let her play with them in robot because she might get hurt.

The Hydro-dive part is hilarious. It does remind me of all those rediculas Batman figs. At least it does look a little like BB from the first episode of the old series so I can sorta handle it better.

yeah it is... look at the feet. and look for the stingers

I was just reminded of a Short Packed strip that kind of applies here:


Just great! TF have entered into the realm of Batman figs with unneccesary gadgets/gizmos/armor. At least it's a new sculpt of the fig, and it looks like an homage to his Cybertronian alt-mode from the G1 cartoon. But still...pass. Goldlock looks pretty sweet however, I already have the first one, so pass also.

No, dude.

The Hydrodive Bumblebee is SMALL. Like "to scale with the other Autobots" small. Like "There's no way we could ever sell him at the Deluxe pricepoint, so we're throwing him in with this armor thing and calling it a Voyager" small.

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