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So everything, other than design, should be back to some semblance of normality. Only took another 3 hours to rebuild the entire archives this morning after deleting everything and starting from scratch. Randomly poking around throughout the years gives me some confidence that everything built right. I still need to find the rest of 2004 and 2003 and get those imported. I hope those text archives aren't on my old Mac. That'd suck.

For the time being, I've decided to stick with MovableType for all my blogs and explore Wordpress on one of my less read venues. Still want to make serious changes to the way the content is presented here though. Not as drastic as my split of plasticcrack off from the other site but there has to be an easy... and I stress easy... way to separate the 4 main areas I want to break up here yet have them aggregate from one main page.

Oh. Got a doctor's appointment today. I'll find out if surgery is in the cards or something more conservative for the knee. All I ask is that I can walk around San Francisco for a week in October. That trip's paid for dammit!

Went a little batshit crazy on Amazon today too. Gots some Who on DVD coming that I already own on poor VHS or have seen before. But my goal to get every Hartnell and Troughton appearance as the Doctor on DVD is still there. Plus, I'm hoping that the restoration they did on the DVD version of Tomb of the Cybermen improves over the VHS release.

Bought a quality Canon macro lense for my XSi too. That's where most of the cash went.

I'm done with lenses now. I've got a telephoto, a macro, and a standard walk-around lens. I'd like to get a wide-angle but it can wait.

[Grrr! Tomb was released prior to the BBC's going with the VidFIRE restoration process. Oh well. I'd still rather have it on DVD. Klieg demands it!]


Well I'm excited about the Cowtown toy show coverage. It was great seeing the Micronauts you bought at the last one even if it took almost a year to get to them. Did you ever do a shoot for the Colonial Viper?

...aaand boy did I ever comment on the wrong post. I'm not tech or camera or Who savvy enough to understand a lot of what's written here but I do feel for your knee problems. My wife gets shots in her knees every so often and it's tough but I go to the doctor with her when they do it.

At least after today you'll know what you're up against.

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