May not be as fun as I thought...

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So moving to WordPress, while fairly simple on the back end, will be a major pain in the ass for a blog such as ye olde and or .net.

I've used Movable Type since version 1 way back...I think... in 1999 or so. Maybe it was 2000.

Anyway, Plasticcrack split out of my personal blog and so kept what I suppose you could say is "baggage" from the architecture choices I made back a billion years ago... namely in how my archives are named and organized.

Google has always been a friend to the 'crack and loved the structure and no doubt that's how many of you readers ended up here over the years.

Well... there's a lot of investment in those archive files since those are the pages that are hit the most according to my logs.

Of course, WordPress out-of-the-box cannot duplicate my structure without some major tweaking, pluginage, and it looks like sql query tweaking or some shit.

What to do...

Perhaps I should just commit to WordPress' methodology and rebuild the archives from scratch with the new naming and hope that Google reindexes everything quickly. I could always keep the old archives up too... though there may be conflict.

Giga mentioned that a lot of may previous/next links have been broken since I moved to MT 4 way back when. I never noticed since I rarely go into my past here except to occasionally comment on Sunshyne's commenting on ancient posts.

So many decisions to make.

What would Jesus do?

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Love the last sentence ...

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