Botcon 2009: Interlude


If you want to see why he's the greatest Transformers blogger of all-time, and if you want to get a completely different and original take on Botcon from what you'll find in my experience or with the Message Board peoples, please visit the Roboplastic Apocalypse.

He has actual real toy robot related content that is always of the highest calibre!

He's good people.


Believe it, peoples! Crazy Steve knows full well the joys, insanity, and pathos of this sometimes great, sometimes awful thing of ours.

One of my regrets is never having enough time to sit down and talk to Crazy Steve. Sure, passing him in the dealer room talking for a few minutes is great, but it's not enough.

Also on my list of "goddammit, I didnt get to talk to them enough" - NeoSpark, SpectroScott, SewingStars, FairPlayThings, ZetaConvoy, MrDuce, the rest of the RunningRetard gang, and the FtWayne guys.

But, I wasnt there most of the time this year, and what time I was there, half was spent studying and half trying to find the folks I was there to hang with.

Agreed. But Teresa and I did get to have breakfast with you and Nala, so we consider that a win. Besides, there's always TFCon 2010, and a real museum...

Thanks for all the support you've ever given me, Nala. When I look back at that blog I can be pretty happy with it. I never did toy reviews or had great pictures or talked about current topical stuff so I don't think "greatest Transformer blogger of all-time" really applies, but I didn't do too bad for a bored guy in South Dakota.

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