Transformers Movie Arcee


Transformers Movie Arcee (alt mode)

Transformers Movie Arcee 2002nd Transformer that I've acquired, this time from Teresa.

Transformers Movie Arcee (alt mode)

Transformers Movie Arcee (license plate close up)

Transformers Movie Arcee (Bot Mode)

Transformers Movie Arcee

Sure Movie Arcee is fugly as sin, but she makes a phenomenal motorcycle and dammit if there's a certain charm in the fugly mug of hers!


She reminds me of Arseface from the Preacher comic.

Arcee is def cool in Motorcycle mode but I prefer the scout class Arcee or even better the Elita One repaint!

What a fantastic paint job coupled with an absolutely ugly figure.

Erm, the motorcycle is great, the figure? Not so much. And a different color scheme would be better for Arcee.

I managed to find one of these a couple months ago. She definitely stays in motorcycle mode on the shelf, but her robot mode's definitely better than the scout class re-issue.

The thing I love about Arcee is that I dig her fugly
bot face the more I look at it. I think its that bot hairdoo to one side that convinces me that the designers had tongue firmly planted in cheek for this one.

Rich: It grows on you. And the "hair" has a very 80s feel to it for me.


Arcee's head does look much better in three dimensions than in photos. Photos tend to flatten everything. This is generally a great figure. Frau Autobus thinks she's one of the cooler movie toys.

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

Arcee is made about twice as cool when you pair her with Snake Eyes, from the G.I.Joe line! Nothing beats a sword wielding ninja riding on a motorcycle (that can transform)! Granted, it's a pink motorcycle... but I got some chrome paint that says maybe not. =)

I only have one complaint with this figure. When Arcee is in her vehicle mode her hands hang out the back of her. Have you noticed that? because I just can't get over it.

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