Transformers Animated Blurr

Transformers Animated Blurr (closeup)

Blurr may just be one of the greatest modern Transformers ever.

Transformers Animated Blurr is the 2150th Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Animated Blurr

Let's face it kids. The original G1 Blurr introduced in Transformers: The Movie had a godsawful figure!

Is he a block or a brick? Only Baby Jesus knows for sure.

But the new TF Animated Blurr?

Oy kolendy... he's a hundred thousand levels of gay transforming robot love!!!

Transformers Animated Blurr (alt rear wheel)

His rear wheels and chassis scream awesome!

Transformers Animated Blurr

And don't get me started on his bot mode!


On the whole, the direct attempts in TF Animated to create a modern G1 version (Jazz, Swoop, etc.) and now Blurr are just perfection.

Run... don't walk... to you nearest crack dealer and get one today!


You sir, are absolutely correct. Picked him up this weekend, along with Swindle and Bruce Campbell Lockdown. I love TFA!

i agree. he is perfection. :D

WANT. Still looking for this guy, along with Animated Swindle ...


Man, I haven't been able to find him anywhere. Swindle, Blazing Lockdown, and Bumblebee are here, but no Blurr. :(

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