2010 Columbus Toy Show


I ended up going down to Vets Memorial to the toy show.

As usual, there wasn't all much in the Transformers department. However there were 2 people there selling I had never seen there before.

I finally got to see the add-ons for Energon Bruticus.

2010 Columbus Toy Show

It really is one hell of a figure with the add ons.

I was almost ready to drop down money on a ton of stuff that I didn't need.

Thankfully I didn't spend too much and got what I actually planned on buying sometime in the next couple of months anyway.

Best costume was this kid in Ghostbuster attire.

I2010 Columbus Toy Show

It is all about the jar of slime!


That Bruticus is really beautiful. Did you get one? I'm out of the loop on new stuff so that picture blew me away.

Did you see the organizer of Slagacon there? It's a convention next month somewhat local to you guys. Would be interested in going to a TF convention even if it was close?

I didn't meet the Slagacon organizer, but we did talk about going.

ACK, I just checked the date for Slag-a-con, and I'm going to be in DC. Ah well.

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