He's like a tiny bit of love waiting to kill you...

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WST Shockwave (Gun Mode)
While the blog is not exactly customized like it used to be, long time robotards know that I loves me some Shockwave. Hell... he's probably my single favorite character of all time in the Transformers continuities. And this little version is amazingly awesome!!!
WST Shockwave (Gun Mode in Hand)
JustiToys created a modified Bruticus hand that can hold this new tiny Shockers in gun mode so you as a 30-something adult can recreate moments from The Revenge of Bruticus such as when Bruticus grabs a gun moded Shockwave and proceeds to blow the shit out of Shockwave's own drone troops.
G1 Bruticus holding Shockwave
Hell... he's the best $30 of tiny awesome I could have ever asked for.
WST Shockwave (Bot Mode)
Now I know there are a lot of Shockwave haters out there. To each his own. But just remember this one simple fact that makes Shockwave the single best awesomest Transformer of all time... shockwave.jpg He's the only Transformer f'n cool enough to hold HIMSELF as he shoots you!!!

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Yes, you MUST get the grey version!

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