TFU Leo Prime (Target Exclusive)


TFU Leo Prime

I love me some Lio Convoy!

This is quite a nice repaint too. Hell... I've got this damn figure in so many other versions I'm surprised I got excited about it. (Though Botcon Razorclaw kicked all sorts of robot ass!)

I'm extremely happy that Hasbro chose to actually give him Lio Convoy's history instead of just doing their usual "Oh... Optimus Prime turned into a lion" or some shit.

Leo Prime IS NOT AND HAS NEVER BEEN Optimus Prime!!!


It doesn't hurt that they decided to remold the head, either... I think it gets a lot easier to accept any given repaint as a different character when there's some remold love.

Although this does open the door to some sort of Nemesis Leo Prime release...

i am SO on the wall with this one. i got nemesis and like it well enough, but right now ALL my cybertron stuff is in a crate in the garage. at the same time this is the 5th repaint so how many more offerings of this will there be?

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