Gay Robot Convention 2010... Florida...


Just to be on the safe side I went ahead and reserved a room for the GRC.

I've never been to Florida. Never really wanted to go.

However, I'd kinda like to go to Epcot and stuff.


Universal Studios is the way to go. I've been there several times (and to Florida a bunch of times).

Here's some pointless trivia RE: Universal Studios. When I went with my parents the first time, we went on the JAWS ride. While we were on the ride, the ride broke. Like it literally broke, the shark kept getting stuck and junk. We were probably the last group to go on the ride.

So they gave us free tickets.

Several years later, when we made a return trip with our free tickets, it, completely coincidentally, was the first day of the official reopening of the Jaws ride. It's like hey, what are the odds.

We didn't go on Jaws again. Instead we waited for like 2 hours to go on Back to the Future.

Also, I have a ten minute episode of "Star Trek" starring myself and my family as the crew from when we went the first time when I was like 9. I played "Ensign". In hindsight I wish I'd have been "Vulcan" instead of my little brother.

Having a BotCon so close to me for once made this an easy decision. I'll be there for sure!

Between Star Wars Celebration V and that, this is going to be an expensive/awesome summer of lameness for me. hahahaha

Happy holidays Nala!!! Hope Santa brings you lots of plastic crack!!!

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