Possible and very likely impending fatherhood.


I know I mentioned something once and never followed up on it.


Anyway... in 2010 I hope to become a father.

No. I won't be birth'n no babies or such. I'll leave that to The Cousin and Hoop.

No. I've decided to adopt a child. Actually, I hope to adopt siblings. Two boys or a boy and a girl.

My life is surprisingly stable except for the bad back and knees and I'm not getting younger.

I'm staring at 40 right now and I realized something several months ago.

I had always wanted to be a parent. And somehow along the way I ignored that and went about other business.

But I realized that deep down the urge never went away. I just suppressed it and said "Oh... it won't happen."

Well... in 2010 I'm going to do my best to make it happen.

So hopefully by this time next year I'll be a father.

And yes... there will be a time in the future when even this little downsized Crack Den of mine has to become a child's bedroom.

And ya know something?

I'm cool with that.


Good luck with that, it's a joy! I'm now happily building Lego/Duplo towers with my 3 year old and nothing beats the unrefined glee in their eyes at the introduction of new things!


My daughter wrote a letter to Santa this year (featuring actual words, as opposed to the letters of yonder years.)

It began: "Dear Santa, I would like Doc Terror, a superhero pony, Optimus Prime, more Jem movies"...

Being a parent is freakin' awesome. ^___^

I worry that my wife won't be able to conceive. If that's the case, I do work at a children's home, so I'll be able to scope out the best kids. (I'm basically a Wal-Mart employee waiting to put the new cases of toys out at night.)

i feel what you are saying brian, my wife and i have the same issues but no children's home..

way to go nala.

@JOP, get that kid a super hero pony. Or better yet - Optimus MLPony. I'd take that commission any day.

@Nala, the Ottawa gang is very excited for you for 2010. Just don't call them Daniel.

@fairplaythings: She already got one for her birthday! I see we're going to have to hunt around a little more for a follow-up...

Having kids and being a father is the best and most rewarding thing in my life. You will love it. Lots of friggin HARD WORK - but worth it. Good luck!!

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