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Bought some robots yesterday.

Feeling major guilty because the cost is just far more than what they are really worth to me.

That money should be going to other things right now.

Yeah... I'm on another house project.

Oh. And have I told you I'm hopefully going to be a father soon? Yup.


I haven't bought robots in ages because I am "Poor and broke".

It's a good thing the movie stuff is generally crap though some of the upcoming stuff intrigues me like Movie Lockdown.

I'd probably have sold half my crap but it just doesn't seem worth the effort.

I skipped on Masterpiece Skywarp this weekend for that very reason. Too much other junk to spend money on. I hate being responsible sometimes.

I understand the feeling - I still need to round out three different collections, but there are other more pressing needs. Picking up a $1,000 overtime check and then having to spend it on furniture makes me sad.

Also, you're potentially going to be a father soon? Don't leave us hanging. ^_^

Boy if you thought you had guilt issues now buying toy robots, just wait until you get to live with the knowledge that you're a father.

@EKM: It's not all bad - as a friend of mine is prone to saying, "Fatherhood means you get to play with Legos again." ^_^

Q1) Which robots did you buy?
Q2) When will you be taking pics of them?
Q3) When's the due date?

I've been searching for MP Skywarp with no luck ...

i know what you mean. the wife and i bought a house last friday. bought a couch yesterday... so now our furniture consists of couch, tv, cabinet for tv, and a gun rack (with no guns(they were stolen from it 2 years ago)).

still bought mp wallwarp even though i had mp takara skywarp. i just like the painted line better than stickers.

Have to agree with EKM - you think you have guilt issues about toy robots... :) Seriously, we're really excited about your impending fatherhood up here in Ottawa. We want to know all the news!

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