Botcon 2009 Razorclaw

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Botcon 2009 Razorclaw

I totally did not know they remolded Leobreaker's head for this exclusive until I opened him.

Damn! I love it!

Botcon 2009 Razorclaw

I've got the original buried somewhere in the basement and the Nemesis Breaker version. Hell... I may have the Leo Prime one too. I don't remember.

But man oh man... he's nice.

I wanted a Razorclaw out of this mold since 2006's Botcon comic and the one-of-a-kind figures that were made just for the show.

This one is a bit different than the original Botcon one in terms of coloration.

Botcon 2009 Razorclaw and original G1 Razorclaw

There's something iconic in the black, yellow, and red of the original 80's Predacons.

Somewhere I have the reissue Predaking. Hell knows where.

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I'm kinda curious on how he looks on a Galvatron, I haven't pony'd up for him and elita yet but i might soon as i keep getting outbid on Leozack

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