I've been out of the TF loop for at least 6 months now.

I haven't gone into a forum since before Botcon and I haven't been to a TF website for some time.

Imagine my surprise today in coming across Mastercollectables Nova Prime and Wheeljack kits today.


Those are nice!


i thought it was later revealed that there would not be a nova prime because it was to expensive to produce...

sounds like you're apathetic... try

tfino isn't really about transformers as much as it is about everything else. right now we're in the middle of a he-man and lego fad. that and we talk about each others mom a lot... which is sad for a bunch of 30+ year old men.

Wheeljack looks nice ...

Is Wheeljack a custom? Its the Sunstreaker body. Did Hasbro do a Wheeljack repaint? Me am confused.

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