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Transformers Universe Desert Camo RuinationDear Hasbro:

I do not know what we have done to offend you here in the Greater Cowlands, but your lack of delivering new transforming plastic crack to the shelves of your many far flung vendors is beginning to have serious ramifications on those of us with this sad addiction to your drug.

Week after week and month after month has gone by and the Targets, Meijers, WeBeToys, Kay-Bee, K-Mart, and even the much dreaded and despised Wal-Mart have shelves clogged with Wave 1 and Wave 2 Energon figures that don't sell.

Armada Unicrons, Smokescreens, and Powerlinx Optimus Primes still litter the WeBeToys, even at 50+% off original retail.

Is it too much to ask for possibly a few Insecticons, Arcees,

You teased us with short packing Energon Ultra Magnus by short shipping him and now a $25 toy sells for $70+ crack pricing on E-Bay.

Where is the new Alternator Hound and Universe Battle Unicorn and Stockade?

I have spent thousands of dollars over the years to fill your coffers and bottom line.

Is it too much to ask for new product? Is it?

Am I being too demanding?

I was forced to buy a clearance Desert Camo Ruination just to have something new to open.

Is this what you are forcing me to? Why oh why?

Please get some Energon Omega Supremes, Sharkticons, and hell, dare I say it even Energon repaints out to these dark and humid Cowlands.

We may not survive for much longer.

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