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the ebay winsThere is one thing gentle reader that you must understand implicitly about my relationship with you. That one thing is... Nala must be kept off of Ebay as much as possible.

Now I'll let you know that it has been 3 months since I made any bids on any auctions or really even looked at anything.

I held back strong in my convictions to not feed my habit.

However, a certain drug recently has left me with form of delerium tremens and I was forced to view page after page of plastic transforming goodness.

And... well...

I finally got found me a Generation 2 Megatron that I've always wanted.

And I even found those funky Robots In Disguise Christmas lights that I've wanted for much cheaper than the specialty stores had them. They'll look totally super mega tits hanging on the wall up the stairwell to the Attic of Love.

I have a ton of bids in on a ton of other auctions due in 5-6 days. I don't expect to win any of them really. Perhaps if people accidentally miss them and my low bids do ok then more crap will be added to the shelves. Then again, maybe not.

I'll be watching this auction closely. These are very rare specialty Takara versions of the Autobot brothers from Car Robots done in transparent plastic. To even see a set of these in the US is amazing.

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