Good things come to those who buy crack...


Excellent Cowtown geek run today.

Meijers had Energon Unicron on sale and then a discount on top of that! $28 ain't bad of it! So of course, we got two... one to open and one to trade/sell in the years to come.

Saturday's Transformer HaulThe Andersons still had that lonely Armada Megatron that has been on their poor shelves since 2002. I felt bad for him being solo and having no other real Decepticons to command there. So I picked him up too.

And then... Target actually had something new!!! I finally found an Energon Insecticon that I've been searching months for.

And then... mere moments ago... my Beast Wars Second Leo Convoy ebay win arrived, followed by my Energon Omega Supreme purchase off of KB online.

This is what you would call a "cracktastic" day for me.

It does piss me off that when you buy something online from say KB Toys they have no consideration for the collector mentality. The true online toy shops such as BigBadToyStore and Small Blue Planet go out of their way to not degrade the packages.

KB? They slap a huge frigg'n sticker right on Omega Supreme's window!

What the f*ck?!?!?!?!


Hey, shouldn't you have been working in the yard this morning? ; ) Ok, really I'm just jealous cause I couldn't satisfy my plastic crack fix at the Meijer on Cleveland Ave. Nothing but an endless see of Strongarms and Infernos!!!!! I suddenly feel the need to travel to the west side.....

Well... I had grand plans.

Of course the rains took care of those.

So Matt and I headed out for an early breakfast at Bobby Evans, then hit all the west side plastic crack houses..

A decent haul. Great prices on those Unicrons. They are actually really decent looking.

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