A Spielberg Transformers film would suck balls!

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Devestator!All kinds of chatter around the net that don't involve terrorists trying to blow up US election and voting booths.

The current chatter, though officially unconfirmed, is that the live action Transformers film that has been in the works will be going to Dreamworks studio.

After a tug o' war between New Line Cinema and DreamWorks, the latter has reportedly won out after "Steven Spielberg got in a plane and flew out to Rhode Island to personally meet with Hasbro's team and to dangle the, if we have this, I may direct it, golden carrot. After which Hasbro agreed to Dreamworks getting the project."
The article then goes on to say...
IGN FilmForce checked with its own trusty Transformers source, however, who dismissed AICN's report. Still, what fanboy wouldn't want to see Spielberg direct this movie?!
This fan for one.

Steven Spielberg on a Transformers film would suck levels of balls unseen before in any film.

While going to Dreamworks is totally within reason, Spielberg involved in it completely contradicts a recent CBS Sunday Morning interview I saw in which he said he doesn't want to make the kinds of films he did in the past, such as Jurassic Park, Jaws, etc.

There are far better directors for this.

Hell, and that is only a part of it.

The script is the key!

It can't be cheesy nor can it be aimed at children.

A Transformers live action film has to have the broad appeal and coolness factor that made the first Star Wars film the powerhouse it became.

And... it has to has to be based on the original 80s characters.

Sure... modernize their alt modes and all, but that Optimus Prime and Megatron are the ones fans want to see and who, 20 years later, still kick much major assage.

Hell, I'd love to see it still take place in 1984 if they are gonna do it. Or better yet, have the film take place in 2005 but have the Autobots and Decepticons still have been awaked in 1984.

If I am geek enough, and you know I am, I may just post my plot points and general story ideas for my ultimate Transformers film.

And yes, it involved an young adult Spike walking off on a pregnant Carly and the Autobots, searching for a reason for the insanity that has been following his family all these years and the effects it may have on his soon to be born child.

And Chip Chase will be in it too. Except a totally ass kicking wheel-chair bound Chip Chase!!!

My version would be slightly dark, only a few cliches would be there because this is about freak'n robots from outer space that turn into cars, and a viewer would not be annoyed at the humans.

Let's face it... they are the best point-of-view for this kind of story. And of course all my ideas kick major ass!

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