I don't need your life story...


So I was checking up on various ebay purchases from the other week. Some have arrived. Some haven't. So of course that means sending emails to the seller trying to get an idea of an arrival date.

To one seller, I sent the following:

Dear *seller*,

I am wondering when this item was mailed to me. I am trying to estimate when it will arrive.

To which I recieved the following response:

Honestly I haven't sent your item yet and I want to apologize for the
inconvinience, I went out on vacation on Wednesday and just came back
yesterday Sunday. I was going to send it before I left but I was bedsick with fevers of over 100 most of the week. So I didn't get really get to enjoy my trip either, I only went for the kids. And I didn't have anybody else send the items for me because I rather be sure the items that I sale are properly sent to the right buyer. I really don't trust anyone to do it besides me. I will sent your items by Wednesday the latest. I'll give you the tracking number as soon as I send them. I usually sent items regular parcel but I'll send them priority for faster delivery. Once again sory about the trouble and hope you'll understand.

Um... I just wanted to know if and when it was sent.

I didn't need a sob story or need any knowledge about children, fevers, vacations, etc.

A quick, accurate, and short exchange of data and information will always suffice for such a simple request.


Wow, what's the seller's address? I need to send HER some money, what a hard luck story.

And it makes the story so much more believable.

My dog ate your order.

them thar foniks werk fer her.

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