Poor bastard, I guess he was constantly fighting his inner demons & they beat him. Heath was actually a Perth, Western Australia boy, who dropped out of school at 16 & actually made a considerable amount out of his short life. Sorry to hear you've left us mate - hope you're at a better place now :(

well will be interesting to see his portrayal of the Joker now. I'm sure if he was suffering internally to commit suicide some of the inner termoil may have been channeled into his Joker.

sad mostly for his daughter. at 2 years old, she's not going to grasp this or even understand that something's wrong until most of the memories of him have faded. that's a tough life for a kid.
a real shame, guy was only a few years older than I am. it's always stranger and more personal when you see ones from your generation go.
prayers to his family and friends.

Maldroth,you don´t know if he commited suicide.
Also,he said he was depressed BECAUSE he was the joker,he said he didn´t want to be a psychopath and it prevented him from sleeping.

I guess batman won´t have to do alot now,will he?

just going off a report I read an in that they said it was suspected suicide.

Was a letter found about his comments on his depression? How do you know that?

He said in an interview once,that playing the joker was fun,but made him depressed.
Suicide may be suspected,but is not confirmed. only speculated by fans.

I went back to check the news report and it appears that the story was retracted since the family has come out and said it must be accidental. The initial police report stated pills were strewn about him when he was found.

I'm really not going to get into speculation or reasons. What's done is done.

Is a real shame I liked his work and him in general. Also didn't know we were the same age.

that just blows my mind. I was watching "A Knight's Tale" when I saw it. Part of me cried. ; ;

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