I'd love to see Lucas reboot Star Wars too.


What's funny is that there was a time in my life when I would have been ganked about this.

But there is nothing original anymore.

Absolutely nothing.

Instead of taking a dead franchise into someplace new they just basically are doing what Hollywood always does: the same old shit.

The mere fact that all these characters appear to be in what amounts to a prequel to the series just doesn't ring true to anything remotely like the military would be. Especially where certain much older doctors are concerned.

While I suppose I wish it well, it just pains me to see thing like this created purely because Hollywood and a few... they call themselves creators... can't do anything remotely original.

However, if this fails to do any box office, then man oh man is the franchise truly dead and I'll stand by my post from 2 years ago and say yet again it needs to be dead for many years before trying to bring it back.


I mostly agree with you (since this mostly about the money for the people in charge of these projects now) but want it to do well, too, from a "comfortable shoes" perspective. I simply really want stories about the original cast. What a shame for Shatner et al that neither cloning nor age regression have been perfected yet. . .

So do you feel the same way about Bond and the reboot issue?

No. Just, no. For me, the Futurama episode "Where No Fan Has Gone Before" should have been the last thing associated with TOS.

Forgive me for getting technical or argumentative but the work "reboot" really doesn't work for this discussion because "reboot" would mean Abrams would be using the movie to start the franchise over from scratch and erase the previous Trek history and that's not what he's doing at all. It is a true out and out prequel and nothing more (at least according to everything I've read) because Paramount is too afraid to alienate the fanboys who want to see the eventual "true" final Next Generation movie (you really think they would end TNG with that crapper Nemesis?) and/or a Deep Space Nine movie. Also it seems like I remember hearing rumors a couple of years ago about a possible Trek series set at Starfleet Academy with O'Brian and Bashir as the leads.
And if you Google image search Zoe Saldana you'll find a leaked picture of her as Uhura a couple of pages into the search that I swear is a leaked photo and not a photoshop (way too good to be a photoshop) where her hair and costume is EXACTLY like Nichelle Nichols' version of the character. It also wouldn't make sense for Nimoy to be in the picture as older Spock if it was just going to be a reboot/restart of the franchise. I guess we won't really know until the movie comes out but I'm about 90% sure it's a flat-out prequel. If it isn't I think I will go all "angry geek" because there's still so much Paramount can do with the Deep Space Nine characters if not the TNG crew as well. I also heard that Abrams really wants to try to get William Shatner and George Takei to make cameos in the film as well as older Kirk and Sulu respectively (placing the "future" scenes somewhere after Undiscovered Country but before Generations, obviously).

I know its about the money. But I just wanna see THAT Enterprise on the big screen. I love the original series cast. Deforest Kelly just made trek for me. I love that guy. I hope these new actors can hold up to that. Its a big risk that I hope pays off.

And yeah, they better make another TNG movie. I hate the down note they left on. But Lore is still out there somewhere and all Data's memories are stored in that crappy B-4. Somethings gotta give. :)

I love DS9 but their story is done for me. I don't need to see a movie for them. Voyager too. I might be the only person who liked Enterprise. Well, I liked seasons 1 and 4. But most Trek series need a few years to really take off so I feel they got canceled prematurely.

Nala-What drove me from Trek was the one two punch of Kate Mulgrew's voice and Scott Bakula. But the 8 year old in me who watched CKVR on the weekends still has a great deal of affection for the original one. And a few episodes of TNG here and there. ("THERE. . . ARE. . . FOUR. . . LIGHTS!!!!")

That said, I don't really care. I don't think they'll live up to the standard BSG gave re-imagining a concept. Of course, having recently seen the episode of Battlestar 1980 where the Cylons kidnap Wolfman Jack, it's kind of a lofty standard to expect.

J. Michael Straczynski hit the nail on the head a couple of years ago; Trek is at its very best when telling out-on-the-edge sci-fi stories.

The moment they took TNG and made it 'safe' (i.e. all those "Eh, we reversed time at the last moment and nothing actually happened" episodes) things started to slide. DS9 and especially Voyager cemented the issue.

The problem with the upcoming movie is that as interesting as a prequel can potentially be, there is really no way to move back into the edgy territory (as the future is already written, so to speak.)

As for Bond - I would quite welcome remakes of every single film, if they continued to remain faithful to the Ian Fleming's vision. (Compare and contrast, mayhaps, Moonraker and the originating novel.) I think we are absolutely agreed upon that gimmickry and throwaway character development are poison to the franchise.

With regard to Trek, after the original series characters I would next rather see Peter David's New Frontier characters on the big screen than any of the other (actual live action) series'. I love his writing.

As for Bond, if it comes to it I would prefer that they redo anything from Diamonds are Forever forward and leave the earlier Connery/Lazenby ones alone. I like my Bond more cruel and quippy and less 'cool' and dippy (I'm looking at you, Moore). Of course, Connery could be bad too, but I guess I just prefer the 60's aesthetic.

I actually haven't seen (the latest) Casino Royale, but not because I'm boycotting it---just because these days Good Eats, TF:A and the other half hour animated stuff is all I have time to commit to when in front of the tube.

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