Botcon 2009 Thunderclash, Flak, Kup, Scourge, Landshark (Box Set)


Botcon 2009 Thunderclash

Botcon 2009 Flak

Botcon 2009 Kup

Botcon 2009 Scourge

Botcon 2009 Landshark

I do believe that this may be the most mediocre Botcon set I've had the unfortunate displeasure in buying.

I don't care about a single figure here at all.

I've always hated G1 Scourge so even birthing this one... even with a new head... means nothing to me.

Back in the box they go.

Thankfully, Evebird bought the loose set I accidentally ordered. That's primer and paint for the garage repairs I'm doing.


Flak is still the only one i would have paid any interest in but only because this colour scheme is how i've mentioned previously that i wanted him...

I think I'd want Kup and that's about it.

@b_r_u_t_i_c_u_s: I love that color scheme. It looks great on Sureshot's bots you linked.

Giga, that colour scheme just seems to suit all three of those molds far better than the original colours did in my opinion. Wouldn't keep everybody happy but i like the uniformity of it...

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