Today there shall be cleaning!

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Today is a dangerous day. The next visit for our adoption home study is tomorrow and I need to clean up The Crack Den™ by merging the recent crack in with the already way too overcrowded shelves.

Um... I think I need to merge the recent purchases into the shelves!

Yes. Toy robot shit's just all over the place!!!

When boxes arrive, I tend to pull stuff out in a haphazard fashion like a little boy on opening presents.

I mean... let's face it... this disease of mine is a result of my mother throwing all of my Micronauts out when I was 10 so opening up this in an orgy of packaging material and cardboard some how seems appropriate. (The 10-year old in me is still calling a lot of the shots with this crap!)

The Crack Den™ is exponentially smaller than my beloved Attic of Love™ so things clutter up quickly. I mean... it would take weeks for The Attic of Love™ to devolve into The Attic of Disaster™. Not so much here.

I need to do a major reorg both here and in the storage in the basement.

Have I told you my plans for the basement?

See... the current Crack Den™ has to eventually become a bedroom for FutureChild so I need to indeed get rid of some robot crap and turn my one storage corner of the basement into Basement of Love II: Toy Robot Boogaloo™ within the next 2 years or so.

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