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So I broke down and ordered TF United Jazz and Tracks from Captured Prey. They are the only store that had both in. Snagged a Kabaya Star Saber kit too. (I so loves me some Star Saber!)

I also broke down and put TF United Set of Autobot & Decepticon Three-Pack E-Hobby Exclusives on order too. I already have Generations Wheeljack, Warpath, and Thundercracker on order as well the PE-11 SFX Scouting Force X "Reflector" set.

From TFSource I have a TF United Perceptor on the way and TFX-05 Sidearm and the Classics Cliffjumper - Devil Horns - Custom Kit on order.

Hopefully somebody will get the TF United Rumble and Frenzy in. I can't seem to pre-order it anymore on any site. And with any luck I'll eventually find the Hasbro Generations Grapple. In retrospect, I wanted the Hasbro version with the black head instead of the one I bought. That black head makes all the difference.

And for some reason I am just not feeling any guilt about any of this.

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