Wow! I almost forgot I used to blog about robots.


Yeah, those were the days, huh? You used to really pump out the content at a prolific pace. It was inspiring. The photography was gorgeous and the subjects were figures I wouldn't get to see outside of a box since I'm not much of a collector. It was a fun time to be reading Transformer-related action figure blogs but then it all kind of petered out. It was a nice ride while it lasted and I was happy to find it when I did.

Thanks to you I was introduced to a lot of other people and their blogs like Zack, Heavyarms and Colin and I've made those friends that wouldn't have been possible otherwise. I got to meet Zack and crash at his house and if I think about it, that wouldn't have happened without There's probably been lots of friendships made and good times had that you'll never ever be aware of, but that's how it goes with blogging. What a great legacy, though.

Oh the golden years of the toy blog, when everything (good or bad) needed to be defined in a minimum of 500 words. Now it just feels like stuff is closing in on us and overtaking the shelves. I don't think I'm done yet with the plastic addiction though. And I still have plans. I just wish I had the same enthusiasm (/time) I had even a few years ago.

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