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Energon Bulkhead and Universe Nemesis StrikaSo my dope dealer's product arrived today courtesty of the MIB.

A Beast Machines Rattrap, a TFU Nemesis Strika, a TFU Fireflight, and a TFU Autobot Whirl were delivered.

Rattrap sucks the proverbial balls as a bot but is a cool rat. Nemesis Strika looks like something out of Aliens. If you've ever seen the Director's Cut (which is the only way it should be watched by the way) Newt's dad drives this rover-vehicle thing out to the crashed spaceship. This thing looks just like that vehicle. Trippy.

Oh. And on the Cowtown P-Crack front Matt found me an Energon Bulkhead at The Andersons. Why oh why Hasbro didn't name him Springer since he's a G1 homage is beyond me.

At least Takara got it right. They called him "Sprung". Close enough.

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