CostCo Crack


Ok folks.

There aren't any that I know of in the Greater Cowlands so I'm asking all of you folks who read this blog...

Are you near a CostCo?

If so, would you be willing to look for and buy me 1 of the CostCo exlusive Transformer releases of this Optimus Prime and and Overload?

They are ugly and normally I would never buy them but since they are exclusive to a chain I'm not near I might as well try and see if someone can snag one for me and mail to me.

Please contact me or leave a comment if you are willing.

The "exclusive" shit is insane, with us crack addicts having to look and shop at places we'd never normally ever go to.

Exclusives include the Big Convoy repaint called Nemesis Primal at Target, a Sam's Club repaint 2-pack of Prowl and Starscream, KBToys' exclusive repaints of Armada Cyclonus and Demolisher, the KMart SWAT team Prowl/Checkpoint, and ToysRUs' exclusive Energon Megatron/Optimus 2-pack,

Totally insane.


SF has Costco....Its a members only place, but I know people...... :)

will you just get me a list of what you need already that is either HTF or exclusive to places we don't have here??? Evil-Lyn is sitting on my desk waiting to go!

let us know when you want to go to sam's club.

Matt: Well... your list is right here, including a link to the ugly CostCo repaints.

Kel: We should go soon. The Sams Club exclusive should be in stores now. I want to get 2 of them so I can take one out of the box.

Yeah, I got your "right here" too. Aren't there still some older ones you need?

Well, some of them aren't on the shelves anymore and I'll only find at 'cons or ebay.

Or from collectors who have extras and want to trade, duh. :)

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