One extreme loser!


Would you like to know how bad my addiction is?

Well I'm gonna tell you anyway.

Today consisted of the following:

  1. Going for Gyro Salads at Tommy's Diner on Broad Street.
  2. Picking up The Pickett and Kelmeister to abuse their Sam's Club card for exclusive plastic crack.
  3. Hitting the West Broad Target for crack.
  4. Hitting the West Broad Kohls for crack.
  5. Hitting the West Broad ToysRus for crack.
  6. Hitting the Georgesville Meijers for crack.
  7. Hitting the Georgesville Wal-Mart for crack and finding an Alternator Hound!!!
  8. Hitting the New Rome/Hilliard Wal-Mart for crack.
  9. Hitting the New Rome/Hilliard Petsmart and petting dogs and cats and debating about the merits of an insane massive Habitrail set in the house.
  10. Hitting the New Rome/Hilliard Meijers for crack.
  11. Hitting the New Rome/Hilliard Sams Club for crack and scoring the exclusive and a gallon jar of kosher pickles!!!
  12. Returning the Picketts to their lair and returning to the House of Love during the game just in time to feed and poop the Hoont.
  13. Eating at Hong Kong Buffet with the Picketts and Kelmeister's parents.
  14. Hitting the Sawmill Target Greatland for crack.
  15. Hitting the Sawmill Meijers for crack.
  16. Hitting the Sawmill ToysRus for crack.
  17. Hitting the Sawmill Andersons for crack.
  18. Hitting the Lewis-Center for crack.
  19. Hitting the Lewis-Center Meijers for crack.
  20. Spending an extra 40 minutes trying to get back to the House of Love dealing with after-game traffic making my neighborhood hell.
That's it.

That was the day I spent!

I visited 3 Wal-Marts, 2 Targets, 2 WeBeToys, 4 Meijers, 1 Kohls, and 1 Sams Club all to feed the beast that is my addiction.

And do you know what this means after today?

Yup. I am now at 697 figures in the Attic Of Love.

Three figures shy of the magic 700!!!

And after all of this what does today prove?

I am one extreme loser in the grand scheme of life.


I KNEW you would hit 700 soon. I bet you do it before SF. Do me a favor....get up to 699 so you can get 700 IN sf. We can one heck of a 700 club party there.


Quite frankly, with FAO Schwarz closed, I have no idea where to shop for toys in San Francisco.

Yard sales! You need 2nd hand crack....or Napa Crack. It needs to be from somewhere special so you can always remember 700.


I rarely ever find p-crack at yard sales.

All in one day! Ack!

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