Weekend cracky goodness


So let's see. What has this weekend brought to us here at the old House of Love™?

Friday say me, Matt, Kelly, The Pickett, Max Power, and Kelly's brother Eddie went to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. It was ok. Not fantastic. But ok. There are have been far worse films made over the years. And it was better than Alien vs. Predator.

Unfortunately, the story is very thin with only 3 main characters and mostly a few very minor supporting characters. Visually it is a feast to behold but it does wear thin on characterization due to the lack of characters, duh.

Saturday saw Matt and I, but this time joined by The Fabulous Jen™, Brian D., and Alex and Christie B., heading down to the

Got good deals on a Beast Wars Depth Charge,Optimal Optimus, and Magnaboss, a G2 Mirage, and a shit load of mint but loose G1 Micromasters from the early 90s.

I think the collector addiction is going to go crazy with trying to track down all Micromasters and their related items.

Oh. And I got an Energon Shockblast and a Universe Soundwave and Space Case too.

So all in all it was cracktastic!!!

And yes, I can officially announce that the Attic of Love™ now has 741 Transformers in it. And to think I was thinking it would be 2005 before I hit 700!!!

Today? Laundry, Hoont-bathing, some miscellaneous cleaning, and overall just being lame.


kristy b. not to be confused with christie the cousin-in-law, christy the redhead, or kristi from acrn.

I figured I was spelling it wrong.

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