And here's me break'n bread with the upper crust...


God Magnus

You can bitch and whine all you want, but God Magnus comes down as the most-kickingest-ass-trouncing Ultra Magnus of all time.

And he's a total dick too!

Devil Gigatron

If you ignore Hasbro's forcing of "Galvatron" on his American counterpart, Car Robots' Devil Gigatron is a pretty beautiful figure.

He's busy with a lot going on color-wise but it works for me.

Masterpiece Suckitude

I don't think I'll be keeping Masterpiece Suckitude here.

He's really quite a shitty $100 figure.

I have to frigg'n lean him up against the wall just to get him to stand on those wobbly spindly legs.


yeah, i am glad i stayed away from MP megs. especially after seeing so many people had broken theirs...

i am glad you are having fun going through your toys though! :D

Mine's rarely come out of the box! Might just move him on actually...


When I started downsizing the collection, I got rid of RiD "Galvatron" and kept "Megatron" just due to liking the black color combination more, and since they had the same modes/mold. Really though, I only like about four of the modes and don't care about the others.

Is the official crack list online anywhere? Are most of your Car Robots/RiD the JP versions?

The designers set themselves before a nearly impossible task and the end product was a workable conversion of the G1 toy. Yeah, he's got problems out the yin-yang, but he works as a display piece so that I don't have Starscream "in command" of my Alts. Maybe I've just had good luck with mine. Have managed to transform him without breaking a few times.

Also, what put you in the mood for the Les Miserables soundtrack?

Also, this is the best Magnus for being a decent toy in its own right besides the fact that it's a Godbomber for all intents and purposes, and for not being a GODDAMN LAZY repaint of the Prime toy.

Well, technically he has knees, you just can't expect him to stand with them bent at all. I should probably look for a new one, as mine was left near a window and has sun discoloration.

I'm going to get ripped apart, but God Magnus worked as a display and that was it. I ended up selling UM and OP to a friend, because I was tired of the really crappy transformations and the near impossibility of keeping UM all buttoned down in truck mode.

I DO miss that Optimus sometimes, though. But only as he is, not with the extra added bits that come from his back section, along with that ridiculous ladder hanging off the back of him. I have really grown to dislike "kibble" in my Transformers, I've decided.

While I do like both RID Optimus Prime & Ultra Magnus figures, transforming both of them are a bee-yotch. I agree with StormSigma: keeping UM all buttoned down in truck mode was tough. And I still haven't combined them together into Omega Prime yet .

I was never a Car Robots fan, but I've come to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into Convoy, God Magnus, and a certain train-themed combining set. I'm thinking that if I ever find a nicely-priced set one day then I'll grab it.

However, for all his kick-ass-ishness in the cartoon, God Magnus has about the most braindead expression of any toy. The robodrool is palpable.

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