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The TF Club "Brothers"?

They look pretty decent together in a way that most individual figures haven't in ages.

The generally consistent color palette at least makes them look like a team of some kind as opposed to a motley ragtag band of miscellaneous repaints.

Only 2 more years to go and I'll have the whole team!!!



Botcon Mirage has grown on me.

Botcon Mirage has really grown on me.

Now the mold I've loved since day one but the dark translucent blue was kind of meh.

Yeah yeah... I know... the clear plastic likely would have yellowed. Believe. I know. My Osaka Toysland Clear Mach Alert is yellowed.

But I think he would have looked incredibly sweet clear with this same blue as the wheels.


Headless Ratchet

Here's something that sucks the balls!

Botcon Ratchet's head refuses to pop up!!!


Slide Ratchet's head backwards?

Um, Sweetie, you only have one year to go for the Combiner to be complete. ;)

ratchet, bot of dreams
you are still on my wish list
even with head down

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