Are you still mad that we slept together even after we had ended it?


Alternator Mirage

Alternator Wheeljack

Binaltech Sideswipe

Alternator Jazz

And my favorite...

The "I can't remember how to Transform them" shelf

"The Shelf of I Forgot How To Transform You"

I just just leave all the shelves like this.


I have a love/hate thing with the alternators. I like how they look but they're all bitches to transform. Parts fall off, don't go back on, I can't remember how to transform them after the fact. But they look nice :)

mirage makes me drool...someday i will have him too...

that last pic if so funny! i had to send an alternator in the mail, and spent a good hour with directions getting it back into car mode. they are so darn complicated! but also so pretty....

"I have a love/hate thing with the alternators."

Well put carl. I feel the same. Their designs are amazing and they look fantastic, but are a bee-yoch to transform. I always need to use the instructions ...

Forgot to mention: great pics Nala - love the close ups.

I remember when I first got Alt Shockwave, he was on shelf until my father pointed out that the feet didn't look right... Imagine my embarrassment when I found I'd forgotten to turn them round!

But yeah, the alts are like a difficult child, cool sometimes, tantrums the next.


Nala, the pictures, DAMN. What camera are you using?

Secondly, like DL and Carl, I also have that lovehatred. In addition to being a TransFan, I'm also a car guy, so my Alternators (I have nearly every one except for the jeeps and one or two repaints of the WRX) all sit in car mode, because they take up less shelf space that way. I really do love how they look in both modes, but I agree, it's a bitch to get them across that bridge.

Man, your pics are off the wall, brother. Wow.

Yes, really! I am a big fan of stable, close-up shots of tiny detailed parts of toys. So many people take pictures of their toys and they are blurry or not sharp enough to see detail (though that tends to be the fault of trying to do too much with too little camera).

So, in my estimation, these face shots are pretty sweet.

It's all love for me. Except Mirage. Bastards at the factory glued one of his stomach panels and it broke during transformation.



I am fairly confident that I could easily transform, sans instructions, any Alt short of Mirage and Ravage. (The Jaguar.) To the point that I know exactly the problem Nala's having with Tracks up above. I won't tell him though.

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