Goodbye US G1 stuff?


When it comes down to it I don't have much attachment to most of this G1 stuff.

Maybe a few gestalts... Maximus... my Micromasters... but that's it.

Not like a lot of it is in any kind of perfect shape anyway.


This is my first post, but have been reading your site/blog for a while. Where you will be selling the G1 stuff? Thanks.

You should keep 'em. I suspect you'll regret parting with the G1 stuff later on ... they're the cornerstone of any TF collection.

That is fine with me. I'm a huge fan of the G1 stuff and I know that your stuff has been taken well care of. Thanks for the heads up.

the only G1 toys i have are the ones i actually played with as a kid...i don't have affection for the reissues or even trying to get a hold of old ones either. i prefer the articulated more interesting new ones.

Nala: I say if you have no sentimentality for your G1 stuff, by all means sell them. They may have been the cornerstone to the whole of Transformers franchise itself, but why have something if you don't like them?

It would be one thing if you loved them for nostalgic reasons like I do.
Of course the G1 stuff sorta sucks as toys, but that's half the point. I know they suck and that's fine.
My collection has a good percentage of G1, but even then it really only consists of either stuff left from my childhood or figures I really like (ex: the Stunticons.) And I also have less than a hundred TFs right now.
When you have a couple thousand, would you really miss them?

I have to agree with ya Nala in that my attachment for G1 died out awhile back. As Teresa said, after we started getting new toys that were a lot better than the old G1 stuff, I kinda got into those instead. Alternators, Armada, the emergence of some of the Holy Grails like Unicron and Primus, my love for G1 fell by the wayside. I ended up ebaying most of my G1 stuff also, though I admittedly kept a few pieces like the Japanese version Fort Max (God Maximus?) and my Japanese reissue of G1 Megatron. That's about it, though.

Hmmm. . .

Go ahead, tell me Shockblast is a better toy than G1 Shockwave. I'm waiting.

No, I can understand not being a completist, but looking through Teresa's Munnies it's pretty evident that most longtime collectors have at least some ongoing love for G1 and its characters. I'd rather have Defensor than any of the Energon gestalts, and it's not like they've ever made a Soundwave as fun as the original Soundwave, provided you have a few tapes. (JRX is the best gestalt by far, though. It's science. Don't try to argue.) Yeah, the Seekers and the vans are crap, and a lot from '86 on was totally lacking. But they keep revisiting ideas from the period because no revamp has come close to replicating the success of G1.

Although when you come right down to it, I'll be the first to admit that I probably wouldn't be that obsessed if Chris Latta hadn't been providing voicework on the series.

The more I think about it, the more it strikes me that for all its many, many flaws (fire-retardant foam, Carbombya, cardboard background characters) the show was still able to be something special.

I think a lot of the success is owed to the voice work and to the characterization which, for the time, was if not *complex* per se then at least very different from the usual goodguy / badguy ethos.

Obviously there's been a lot of derision towards the whole "Optimus Prime is my father figure" crowd, but seriously, are a gajillion fanboys insane or did they actually create, in animated form, a character that people could really look up to?

I love G1 for nostalgic reasons as well. Something about their simple, easy to remember how to transform designs, still appeals to me. And yes, most of them are bricks. But I still love Silverstreak, my first TF ever.

Although, I'll admit that I bought Encore G1 Optimus Prime in Dec (never owned him before) and I've still left him MIB because I've been too distracted with other more interesting TFs to break him open.

I have both Encore MetroPlex and the minibots on preorder too!

How complete is your G1 collection? For me it was all about 84-86 (the ones I remember) and so I collected every one of them (and a few from 86) and photographed them for, but for a while now I have been thinking of getting 87+ up there too :)

You'll have to let us know your name on evilBay. :)

Nala: You know, I think it was off by about a single year. Plus it was kind of weird round about '92 when we got all that exclusive European stuff (Overlord, wheee) and then discovering that none of it made it to the US.

The sad thing is that in this day and age there's no reason anymore for the delay, but it doesn't matter 'cause the UK toy market is deader than a dodo.

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