Islands, mountains, and cliff faces oh my!


I think that if I just watch the episodes of Transformers: Animated that do not have human villain/criminal antagonists and only focus on the appearances of Decepticons I can find a lot more enjoyment in watching a kid's show.

That being said, I'm still trying to figure out exactly where in Michigan (or Ohio for that matter) some of these shows can take place in.

Dinobot Island is likely Pelee Island or maybe Middle Island.

However, some of the strange pine forested mountainous landscapes don't quite make much sense to me.

Michigan has some higher areas, but nothing that I can remember actually ever looking like it does in the show, especially in southern MI where these series takes place.

Come to think of it, when I become that successful television producer, I plan on many shows taking place in Ohio and I'll be sure to put mountains on the horizons no matter where in the Cowlands the story will take place!


i love tfa... even with the humans and kids stuff...but then most of the time i feel like i am about age 8.

anyway, as far as matching landscapes to shows goes... the first episode of the new office i tried to watch started with pam standing outside, in the middle of winter in PA with a scarf & gloves, and no hat or earmuffs. but okay, i was going to let that go until i realized the trees behind her were GREEN. and they were obviously standing in the parking lot area of some industrial park in souther california. i didn't watch it again for quite a while. i hate when there are obvious screw ups like that!

i want more shows based in rhode island! oh wait, well maybe not... it is sort of yucky looking here...

Like Rumble in the Bronx when you're trying to figure out is there really mountains outside of NYC?



That reminds me of the X-Files movie that makes it look like the Texas desert is right outside Dallas.

Or just about any movie set in New Orleans. It always seems like no matter where they are in the Big Easy, they're only 5 minutes from da swamp, cher.

Looking forward to the TFA toys, but just can't seem to get "into" the actual show ...

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