TF:A and other crap.


Finally! Some Decepticons!

I was getting sick of the rejects from the first season of Smallville being used as adversaries.

I'm all about Lugnutz.

And yes, my purple/grey/one-eye fetish must be playing some role here because I'm not usually into the dull lummox type.

I actually didn't mind Blitzwing, even though the multiple personality gimmick kind of got old rather quickly for me. I'm far more into straight up decent characterization.

It'll be nice when these frigg'n toys'll be out.

But man, this is one line where unretooled repaints are going to totally suck in terms of characters.

The design aesthetic is really anti-repaint here because it'll look like the original character with simple a new paint job. (I know. You seeker people just love that!)


I'm hoping to at least get the entry page and page redesign implemented, along with some tweaks to my CSS.

I'm having problems with the commenting form codes working right in my new layout.

Damn Movable Type 4.1 can be brutal for templating.

Since I'm tearing down and emptying the future Crack Vault for remodeling starting this week, I won't have my desktop tower and files easily available so if it doesn't get done, it won't until I've got the room remodeled and such.


Got an email from BBTS. My toys'll be here tomorrow! Woot!!!


Welcome to another episode of Rhinox´ fanboy nitpicking,there is no Z in Lugnut.

By the way,i LOVE blitzwing!

I think the series is fantastic and that this episode was great. Now, as to Lugnutz' lummox quality---I don't know---I kind of thought that while his unquestioning loyalty to Megatron was simplistic, I actually liked that in a "he's a loyal servant and fanatic" kind of way, and I thought it rang fairly true to characterization while not necessarily making him stupid. His use of "the punch" and other moments like when he flew off with Blitzwing in his grasp surely show that he is able to make quick decisions or at least operates on a "warrior's instincts" or something, because instead of just flying off without Blitzwing, he knew he'd need him too. No matter the debate of characterization, I cannot wait to see his plane mode as a toy---just superb!

Gah! Lugnut! he´s not an orange bike!

Funny how some people get upset about a mispelled name but don't seem to mind punctuation errors.

Blitzwing! Yippee!

What punctuation errors?


I'm well aware that there is no Z in Lugnut. In colloquial speech I don't usually go around correcting people's minor innacuracies, since I don't really enjoy making people feel stupid or uncomfortable---especially if that particular person's minor innacuracy occurs on his own site. Strangely, more often than not, I tend to be tactful and grateful to have the opportunity to visit said person's site as a guest. Pretty weird, huh? Please don't correct our minor innacuracies again---it doesn't matter. By the way, I was most likely posting my first post in response to Nala's at the same time you were, as yours had not appeared at the time I was posting. Had there been a few minutes difference in our response time, you could have corrected us both once, or I would have changed the wording in mine so that you could have just chided Nala. Sorry to inconvenience you.

Really? that's awesome,email me the record lol.

P.s:you removed the pun in his name man,the pun! what's a japanese name without a pun?

Seriously. email me the record.

I've read some really uncomplimentary reviews/opinions about this series (mainly centering on the stupid key & pointless tie-ins eg. The My Little Pony Shit) but the character development thusfar hasn't been that great at all eg. The comic relief-role of Bulkhead.

Of all the characters who have been introduced so far, my favourite has been Blackarachnia by far. Her Character background/development was absolutely top notch! Although this may have been lost on the target audience (kids), I'm sure it did wonders for many an older fan like us.

Oh & Nala, I thought you'd stopped ordering from BBTS - like they pissed you off or something. I can recall you mentioning something about being such a frequent customer that they even recognised your name at GRC or something, & then it all went to hell.

aww,too bad. lol.
Pulse,tfa beats all other series. except maybe G1. (and even that is PURELY for nostalgic reasons)

Nala, I hear you on BBTS. I really like their site and I like dealing with them, but it is a bitch to get shipping to Canada at a reasonable rate. And I had a problem when I got significantly overcharged that took some sorting to get straight. So, unfortunately, I've had to limit myself to the (surprising multitude) of BBTS exclusive Diamond busts.

However, I went a little crazy after their last sale because they had the Wondercon DiaAtlas for like $40 bucks! And, like you, I went a little crazy for the fella. Which led to Battle Blasters. Which led to HardHero statues for nefarious purposes. And...


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