Revoltech No. 25 Megatron


Revoltech No. 25 Megatron

Revoltech Megatron is the 2027th Transformer that I've acquired.


i have him and prime. the megs is taller. i love him!!!!!

There is this new/used video game place near my house and they are selling one of these for about $30 Canadian. I've been tempted to pick him up. He looks awesome.

He really is. Tragically mine is missing a foot.

Well, I didn't. One of my co-workers did, and it was a cold day when they were still working on insulating my current work area. Cold plastic becomes brittle, and his foot snapped off at the joint, after said co-worker accidentally knocked it off of the shelf it was on.

It's still a point of contention between us.

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