Ok. I'll spill the beans.



So I was talking with FP today and they said I could spill the beans about the Botcon 2009 exclusives.

Apparently, due to a constant stream of demands, they've caved in and are going to do a full set of exclusives with a truck theme.

And not only will it be a truck theme, they'll all have special Japanese Dekotora paint jobs and retooling!

I for one can't wait for these.


Totally awesome!!!


Magnus with trailer will be great. Truck theme FTW

Jason,dream on. Hasbro would NEVER actually try to satisfy collectors.

Who wouldn't want a blinged-out Magnus? (Or laser Optimus, for that matter!)


I got nothin'.

April Fools isn't until next month *nods*

Of course, the tags might have helped to give the game away a little bit...

We already got one of these, if a very mild one: RiD Magnus.

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

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