Not much to say.


Not much to write here these days. Here or anywhere for that matter.

Getting ready to go under the knife sometime in the next 2 weeks or so.

Unlikely I'll get any TF crap outta the basement and up for sale.

Every time I get ready to sell stuff something else gets in the way.

Maybe in January.


Best of luck with your upcoming procedure.

Good luck from me as well. Hope everything goes smoothly dude ... and have a great Dec. holidays.

You might try doing what I do to thin out the collection. Don't try to overwhelm yourself with listing it all in one huge conglomerate bulk.

List 10-15 items per week as it's convenient.

This also means you're not scrambling to ship and package and sort out 200 items in a day's time.

I also find that the more I get rid of, the easier it is to get rid of more, if that makes sense. I start off with some basics and deluxe of non show characters I don't care about, eventually I'm selling larger items I thought you "might sort of want to keep" next you're realizing that you don't need 10 different versions of Character X even if you "really like that character"

Best of luck, although I'm sure you won't need it. :)

Best wishes in advance of surgery.

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