Happy Post-Christmas Day Pre-New Year's Day Day


Greetings from the Cowlands!

Been back since Sunday. Been shitloads of fun walking around on crutches and trying to keep weight off my knee.

I decided to take today off. I was supposed to go back to work today but I talked with the Mangler and she said I could take off. May do so again tomorrow and just go back on Jan 2.

I still have no idea how I'll manage doing the physical labor parts of my job. I'll figure it out. There's always temp/intern/co-op slave labor I can use.

So did you get a lot of crap for Jesus' Birthday Day™?

I got spoons and other cooking utensils. The NalaMatka resupplied the House of Love IV™ with new bath towels.

I can thankfully say I got no robot crack.

Hell... I haven't even taken pictures of Dragstrip or Overkill for the site. As my lack of crack blogging no doubt indicates I'm so not caring about robots right now. Though I gotta admit there's a twitter in my nether regions for Animated Blurr.

I haven't gotten one iota done on sorting toys. I moved the boxes around to get at Christmas decoration shit pre-surgery but since I really can't stand or easily move/carry anything my thoughts of working on crack in the basement pretty much dried up.

However, a main resolution for 2009, no matter how futile, will be to deal with the Transformers once and for all!

Alas, that's got a bit lower priority than undoing 2008's weight gain and muscle loss from my year-long back problem and 5 month knee problem. *sigh* I gots so much shit to do there!

The only stuff I could say is really "fun" is stuff I bought for Giga and/or myself: the new 42" plasma TV.. the new 1080p upsampling DVD player, and a shitload of Doctor Who DVDS is pretty much it!

I added the following Who love to the House: New Who Series 2 and 3, Old Who "Invisible Enemy / K-9 and Company", Old Who "Brain of Morbius" New Who "Infinite Quest", and the awesomely goodness inducing 3-DVD old Who Beneath The Surface box set of "Doctor Who and The Silurians", "The Sea Devils", and "Warriors of The Deep".

I love the insanely James Bondish 3rd Doctor action of The Sea Devils so much!

In retrospect, since this became the most expensive Christmas I've ever spent, I should have thrown The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 1 in there too.

I should get a thank you note from the f'n US economy for what I spent this year. (And I actually despise the whole Christmas bullshit spending spree!)

So. Anyway.

What did you all get?


Don't you mean mr.terrific's birthday?

Good Christmas here. New kettle, paper shredder, George Foreman grill, JSA bookends, portable telephones.

On christmas I caught the last 15-20 minutes of Journey's End. Having not seen anything else the whole season (save for Partners in Crime) I still managed to cry and cry and cry. I loved Donna's grandfather. He was such an awesome character.

We haven't exchanged gifts for a few years now, but Mr. Pickles got me a gift certificate to Aveda so I could get my toenails trimmed. :)

I had a toyriffic Christmas. Got the new Classics Starscream (I missed it the first time) that makes me want to get the Henkei T.cracker and S.warp, Titanium War Within Grimlock, a G1 Rumble (RIRFIB), Movie Stormsurge, and the Springer/Ratbat two-pack. I promptly customized Springer so his rotor assembly rests on his back and he can weild a blade sword-style ala his G1 incarnation. Ratbat got some more paint deco. Also got some movies and comics. No grown-up stuff this year!

Very good Christmas. iPod touch from the husband, a pile of books from the siblings, and half-interest in a pasta maker attachment for the mixer and a George Foreman grill.

I got a nice new printer for my computer and other assorted computer related accessories. "The" Batman season 3. A book about the artwork for Superman Returns. And any toys I got I got as presents to myself. Those include Classics Prime (at a toy show for $5) and Snake Eyes and Scarlett 25th style in American packaging to go on my wall.

I think the best gift to me was watching my little niece opening her presents. It was funny because she got so much stuff and she seemed to like the green bouncy ball the best. I did get her a Robot Heroes Arcee. She seems to like playing with my transformers whenever she comes over. But at 16 months I think to her they're just cars. :)

I got a really nice chest infection...

Happy New Year Nala!!

Glad to read that your surgery went well and that you had a good Christmas holidays. And is your new year's resolution in 2009 to minimize the plastic crack addiction?? Please say it ain't so dude, you are my crack collecting folk hero!!

I also had a "toyriffic" holidays: got Encore reissue G! Metroplex; Target exclusive TF Animated Stealth Lockdown; and the Toynami masterpiece Robotech (mospeada) Beta Fighter is on its way!! WooHoo!!

Wishing everyone best wishes in 2009!!

Oh yeah, the 2009 GRC (a.k.a. BotCon) is close by where I live this year, so it looks like I'll be able to attend for the first time!! Yes, I've become a plastic crack whore ...

Will you and others be there??

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