A change like that is just so hard to do.

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I loves me the new Waspinator even though he really doesn't transform into anything. I mean... he's an obvious wasp in either mode.

I'm also totally in love with Perceptor. There was a usless derivative robot character (of Ultron and Computo) I used to draw in high school that had a similar appearance.

However... Wheeljack would have found much love here in the Crack Den if he hadn't been given a creepy leather daddy porn 'stache. That one Constructicon has it too and I just can't stand it.

Of course, I'm ok with the soul patch.

And to those who emailed me that I didn't respond to, yes I've seen the sorta G1ish colored Animated Shockwave. And regardless of the colors he still looks like some cow-horned monster robot. They may as well have given him a creepy leather daddy porn 'stache too. Ugh!

Animated Sunstorm is fun though! Gotta love the occasionally insanely bright colored robot.

Dare I say it... maybe they'll... and I can't believe I'm typing this... make a TF Movie Shockwave that does the guy justice.

I'm pretty sure I'll spent the extra money on Henkei Ratchet after seeing how the chrome works with the white.

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Sunstorm is a must grab!

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