Miscellaneous TF Geek Collector Data Required.



I don't really collect much non-mainstream line TF shit so I'm calling out to all you geeks that are geekier than my lame ass.

These skateboards are kinda silly cool.

Any of you know what size TFs these would be someone appropriate for?

They look too big for basics but deluxes look sorta right?

I'm thinking some of these for some of the classics figures like Bumblebee and the more fun-inclined characters.

Any geek knowledge? Help a brother addict out!


I'm supposing you're on some heavy meds.

Seriously though, as far as Deluxe Classics go for these things, I think Bumblebee would be about it.

I'm at a loss.

I've had my Classics Deluxe Shitpack prime on a fingerboard for a while, using G1 Rodimus Prime for a ramp.

I have not seen them so I can't be sure. I would imagine they are identical to Tech Deck boards.


For what it's worth, I have several fo the "playsets" that were made for Tech Deck and they are effectively the perfect scale for a 3.75" action figure (which is why I bought them int he first place).

Actually, these are much better reference pics.

Assuming if course they are tech decks sized.

Well, i was assuming they were average fingerboard size too. But if they are, a fairly small deluxe or fairly big scout would look fine.

Offhand, I bet Classics Mirage would look awesome on one, and Optimus Minor is basically meant for something like this, given that he can do a handstand in either mode.

It's all about Optimus Minor (love that little monkey) and the Revoltechs.

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