Transformers? What's that?


I wish I had something to write but I don't.

At the moment, I just don't care about Transformers in any shape, way, or form.

In a way, I suppose I hope it stays this way so that I can sell off the Attic of Love and have no remorse about it.

Well. I've got grown-up things to do this month.


Not to worry...Cybertron Downshift will soon appear and restore your faith in Transformersdom...he is one of the best molds of all time.

Ack! Don't tell me that.

Hmmm... I'll have to see who he was in Galaxy Force.

I'll give you $1000 for the Attic of Love collection. $1200 if you throw in the Transformers sheets.

So that's why you are pushing Mrs. Evebird to get that job.

And well... exactly where would you put the contents of the Attic of Love? Hmm?

Downshift was not in GF, which makes his uber-coolness even more of a pleasant surprise.

You aren't going to sell off your collection. You may think toy with the idea now and then, but you have the addiction. It's incurable.

Downshift wasn't anybody in Galaxy Force. But he looks like Wheeljack, and that's enough for me.

And I think you need to leave the floor open for bidding before you just commit it all to Evebird. Because Goddammit, I was gonna make an offer on Superion and any Dinobots you might have.

Well... I do not have a complete Superion. He's one of the combiners I don't have complese since I've never been a fan of his "gimpy" legs.

And I have all the Dinobots but those I doubt I would get rid of.

Since I don't frequent the Allspark, TFW2005, and the other sites very much I guess Downshift completely went under my radar.

I don't even recall him at Botcon.

Yeah, Superion is something I've been dragging my feet on, because he's by far the ugliest of the pre-movie gestalts. It's kind of upsetting that the Aerialbots got so much more play than the Protectobots, because Defensor is fantastic.

And I'm going to agree with Alex and quote Alan Moore: "There's no such thing as quitting. Just longer pauses between relapses."

Agreed...Defensor is better than Superion in almost every way. Not only is he better proportioned when combined, but the individual components are pretty cool as well (with the possible exception of Groove), and not repetitive like the aerialbots.

They were likely given short shrift because the Autobots already had a resident police car, ambulance and fire truck by the time they showed up.

Defensor is probably my second favorite gestalt after Bructicus (sure he's overused, but the toys are just so much fun!).


I'm partial to Defensor too. Having perhaps one of the most consistent color schemes when combined helps too. But Computron holds a special place in my heart since I've had mine since the original release in the 80s.

Computron was pretty keen (especially Scattershot who is probably my favorite Gestalt team leader, toywise) but I never warmed up to Nosecone, and Abominus does nothing for me. I guess Hun-grrr was OK, but what the fuck was Blot supposed to be?

Bruticus is overused, sure, but I think that speaks to the strength of the mold. Either that, or it's because it has the most guns. Really, though, I think they need to cut it off at seven. (G1, G2, Battle Gaia, Baldigus, Ruination, Desert Camo Ruination, Arctic Camo Ruination. . . did I miss any?)

And I totally agree about Groove, but it took them until G2 to make decent motorcycle transformers. Ahh, Road Pig.

There's that oversize knock-off of Bruticus but that's not really official. I would love to own it though.

And I still love the fact that entire episode of Season 3 was focused on First Aid of all characters. I loved the scene when Defensor had to try and save the train without having an arm.

Of course, even then, I figured he'd end up mildly retarded to some degree without First Aid in the mix mentally.

I address this kind of thing briefly in Splintered actually involving Computron and the creation of Metrotitan on Planet Zone. Oh yes. Someday my masterpiece will be ready for minor public consumption.

I await that day eagerly. I've wondered (And I'm sure it's been answered somewhere) if gestalt intelligences are a combination or a sort of back up brain housed within the central figure. Because I know the episode of which you speak, and he sure didn't seem any more slow than usual. Of course, the autobots have a pretty liberal policy on the "differently abled" considering the dinobots. . . Plus there was that brief sequence in Scramble City where Menasor actually detached a limb to attach to and screw up Superion.

A third alternative theory of Gestalt personality would be that the Gestalt retains the intelligence/personality of the team leader, enhanced by selective access to or communciations with the subordinates (as needed). I don't really get why, for example, Hotspot would give up any degree of control to streetwise, who is essentially functioning as a stilt. Would it not make more sense to shut the limbs down completely than to sacrifice cerebral performance for the sake of a "combined" consciousness?

Frowny: I love that seen!!! The mere fact that the Japanese treated the "scramble power" as interchangeable was very cool.

Alex: That can work. I was really hoping that Dreamwave would present some of this kinda of thing. They started to in War Within with the Pre-Earth Defensor but that all went bye-bye into a dangling plot hole mess.

The great difficulty with that is that the first representation of gestalt "technology" was Devestator, who didn't really have a central guy so much as he had two. If I recall, Scrapper was the one who acted like a leader most often despite the fact that Hook and Long Haul formed the torso. . . but then again, it could just be that Devs (and therefore Raiden) work by different rules. . .

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