A tchotchke, but almost cool due to the detail.



I'm not a fan of Transformer-tchotchkes. I loves me some PVCs and all but the peripheral crap such as busts and statues serve no purpose in my loser life.

That being said, the Diamond Select Autobot Motion Globe, while a useless tchotchke, has enough detail in the design to be above average.


The inclusion of Omega Supreme on the left-side in his base/rocket mode is really the nicest touch this thing could have ever had.

Would I pay $100 for it?

Fuck no.


Neat looking but you raise a good point I have often wondered about- Who the heck buys this stuff? All these statues, snow globes, replicas, metal figures, busts, mini-busts etc.--they aren't cheap. How big could the market for a $100 TF motion globe possibly be? Will they sell 100 units?

Keep in mind we are both hardcore TF collectors and have no interest.

Where do these end up? Collecting dust on the top shelves of flagging comic book stores nationwide? It boggles the mind.

I can kind of understand maybe having a tchotchke of your favorite character and have considered the Shockwave statue from time to time to have on my desk. Of course, I'd only get it if I found it clearanced for $20 or less.

I liked the Dreamwave posters and bought many of them. But it boggles my mind too who buys this stuff.

I remember OTFCC in 2004 and this one vendor with like hundreds of the ugly busts. I wouldn't even buy the Shockwave one of that!

I had often wondered the same thing in general. . . you know "I have my own geeky obsessions but who buys the $400 replica of Green Lantern's Lantern?"

And then I was invited to a 4th of July party at a college professor's house, and I got to see his Batman room. Dude had EVERYTHING. Every gee-gaw, knick knack and whizzomatic I had seen in the back of old 50s and 60s comics, statues, action figures, posters, a pinball machine, a bedspread that he had put on a bed that was just there to display the bedspread. . . it reminded me of some KISS collections I had seen before in person or in magazines. . .

On that day I realized that there was a more upscale class of geek out there. I just don't know any of them personally, and don't have anywhere near that kind of budget.

Heh..."upscale geek"...you've given me something to shoot for.

Wait, Evebird, didn't you have the Lantern (at one time)?

I did have a replica lantern about a year ago, when I was buying up a lot of GL stuff. I think I "only" paid about $200 for mine though. It was actually pretty cool. Made of metal, life-size. The person who sold it to me even threw in a custom-made GL-style mask made of latex. Guess I missed my opportunity at Halloween.

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