You know... he's not that bad.


Cybertron Metroplex has some decent higher-res pics of Cybertron Metroplex and at least in his default bot mode he's not bad.

I'm thankful for a consistent color palette with fewer than more colors.

I can't say I like his "extended bot mode" much since he looks like his pert shiny metal ass sticks out too much.

And his alt mode? Total "what the fuck were you smoking when you designed this" alt mode.

It is another "ish-mode" since it is sorta construction vehicle-ish. Ugh.

It actually reminds me of the steam shovel from one of my favorite books as a kid, Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel.

Come to think of it. A small toy of that steam shovel would actually be really cool.


The bootyliciousness is a result of mistransformation. And of course, it's airbrushed like all of Hasbro's "official" pictures. But yeah, keep him in bot mode. I like the transformation, but his alt mode is so. . . ughhh. . .

I felt better about Metroplex's alt mode after I saw this:

Believe it or not, he appears to be loosely based on something that actually exists in the real world (bucket wheel and all!).

But yes, he will likely remain in "short" robot mode on my shelf too.

Alex: Wow! That is sorta Metroplex-ish.

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