Old crappy box design with cool rear art?


So I'm over at Remy's TFKenon.com site and he's got some good pics of Galaxy Force Primus but I can't figure out why Takara is releasing this in a G1-ish ugly ass box.

I'm not a fan of the black and red grid (with mild neon glow) that was most of the 80s packaging. It is so dated and it is definitely one thing I have zero nostalgia for.

That being said, they seem to be making Primus more of a "Primus for all eras" kind of figure and hence, that seems to be why they went with the "vintage" box design.


I do like the image on the back of the box (above).

It includes every Autobot leader from every version of Transformers. (Well. I don't see Alpha Trion but he never had a toy.)

All Beast Convoys, Fortress Maximus, Rodimus Prime, Super God Ginrai, Dai Atlas, and Victory Saber are there and so's my favorite Car Robots' God Fire Convoy.

That's kind of cool.

I'll take one Victory Saber as leader to a thousand Energon Primes, Armada Primes, and Galaxy Force Primes any day though.

Just look at him up in the right corner exhibiting all his Victory Saber goodness. Woot!


Man. . . am I the only TF fan who thinks Victory Saber isn't that fantastic? Sure, Victory Leo's a better armor pack than God Bomber, but Victory was (to me) easily the lamest of the Japanese only series. Star Saber was pretty much a flying Super Ginrai with a sword. Really could care less about him.

I think he's one of the most visually pleasing Transformers ever created. Animation-wise that is.

He's blocky as a toy but there's just something I like in Victory as to the way he's animated.

Well, OK, he did look pretty badass in that opening sequence for Zone. . . and they didn't even have to give him the crown/cape treatment they gave the Decepticons. (That was totally WTF?!?) But I didn't like the Brainmasters gimmick (nor targetmasters nor powermasters nor headmasters Jr, but I do loves me some original headmasters that aren't Chromedome.) or the super robot head just sitting there in vehicle mode.


DUDE! I would never disparage Fortress. He drives his ship as a giant head and keeps the Master Sword in his dashboard. Never make fun of someone who has a sword mounted in their dashboard.

Ok. That's better.

When you said the "super robot head" I needed that clarification.

Yeah, there I was just referring to the fact that Star Saber's helmet just sort of sits right behind where (Star? Saber? What's the little jet called?) fits in to the larger platform.

Actually, I find the current Energon and Galaxy Force "obvious head in alt mode" syndrome worse.

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