Now I'm guilty for using sniping software.

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Well I lost several much needed ebay auctions because people use sniping software.

So I decided last night, for the sake of my plastic crack addiction, to become an online auction dreg and get sniping software myself.

I really really really wanted this Micromaster Countdown set and so I used sniping software.

Now theoretically I suppose I lost because of my lack of experience with this sniping software. This sucks since the other sniper won by like $1.52 or so. (Most auctions I lose are within $.50 to $1.00 these days).

I am gonna learn to use this shit and I am going to win the things I need.

I hate that I have to resort to this but I don't have much choice anymore.

One has to react in kind.

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If it's any consolation, I read something about a sniper who got pwn3d a while back.

Basically, buyer 'A' was buying a 72 pin SIMM for his old computer. However, when he would bid, his bid would always be upped by buyer 'B'. The price went to $15.. $20... $35...

With the price now at $40, buyer 'A' finally got frustrated, and upped his bid to something like $50,000 (figuring that buyer 'B' would stop well before it got to that). He may have entered that as a last second snipe--I don't remember.

Well... buyer 'B' pulled out the sniping software, and put in a last second bid of $100,000--figuring that there was no way anybody had bid much more than the current bid of $40.

Well... needless to say, buyer 'B' won, but I think there may have been some sticker shock.

Sold!!! One 64 meg 72 pin SIMM... $50,005.

Just be careful with that sniping software.

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