Our own little UN...


So I had to run to get some cold meds and decided to hit BK to snag a sandwich.

I may go to BK once or twice a year and rarely do I go inside to order but for some reason I did today. Thank the gods I did!!!

Inside I noticed something remarkable, especially for a Cowlands BK.

The woman who took my order was most likely Malaysian. The woman working the drive-thru was African-American. The probable shift manager was sub-Saharan African of undeterminable origin. The one grill guy was Somali. The other grill guy appeared to be Indian or Pakistani. And there was another "floater" who looked Chinese.

The one monitor they use to prep orders was out and all of these people were arguing at each other about it in such wonderful accented English.

It was fantastic!!!

It was like a little version of the UN here in the Cowlands. And they were all yelling at each other too!!!

How cool is that?

And to top it off, while at the store, I found me an Energon Kicker/Highwire and Universe Air Raid and Windsheer taking me up to 924!!!

Cool beans on a frigidly cold Cowtown day!


You got Air Raid and Wind Sheer already didnt you? I think you did. It was a landmark 2-pack. 800 I believe.

And damn you for going to the store and buying Transformers this close to Christmas. AAAAAAAARGH. Now I have to take shit back.

Well I honestly couldn't remember getting the 2 jets.

And duh... of course I'm going to buy something I don't have yet... especially if it hasn't been heavily shipped.

Now of course my wishlist mentions "2" Energon Kicker and Highwires. One to keep MOC and 1 to open and fight Takara Kicker.

Me not buying it would have been like you walking past a Hawkwoman 2 years or so ago and saying "I'll grab it next time I see it."

The jets would be cool to open. You know I'm all about the jets.

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